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VNHS, Commitment to Thrive Excellence.

Give your child the gift of exceptional education and watch your child thrive.Join our vibrant community of scholars, athletes and dedicated top tier faculty and foster the growth of your child mentally, physically and spiritually.

About Vidya Niketan High School

Meet the Chairman

Greetings to Parents! 

Thank you for your sustained trust in Vidya Niketan High School and our capabilities to ensure the integrated development of your children.  

Since our inception in 1974, we have come a long way, playing a crucial role in designing future citizens. Over these enriching decades, we have been in tune with evolving learning methodologies to provide cutting-edge learning experiences to your children. 

Join our community of learners and unlock your full potential.

Mission, Vision & Values

Empowering students through a shared Mission, Vision, and Core values

Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve into the most-trusted educational brand committed to creating students into responsible, patriotic, humane, and future-ready citizens with a focus beyond academics through industry-leading pedagogy, individual care and discipline, and best-in-class sports, research and learning facilities.

Our Vision

Our vision aligns with strengthening children through education that deepens their roots through scholastic excellence, sports, discipline and overall development to give them wings to grow into global citizens. We aim to foster dedication, and determination in children to help them evolve intellectually, physically, and socially.

Get To Know Us?

Core Values

Our core values drive us towards our mission to shape intellectually strong citizens of tomorrow.


To guide students to display unparalleled performance in every aspect of their learning and career.


To inculcate gratitude in children to help them evolve into conscious individuals and beautiful souls.


To imbibe truthfulness into children through a learning environment where we mentor and guide by example.


To instil the spirit of self-discipline to create self-driven and capable individuals in punctual manner.


To teach teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience to tackle challenges, confidently like a leader.

Global thinking

To guide children to develop a learning mindset and adapt them in this dynamic global environment.

Unlock your potential with us:

Discover Why VNHS stands out?

The value proposition of VNHS lies in building 360-degree development in children by imparting exceptional education under eminent faculty and shaping them through scholastic excellence, sports, discipline, spiritual growth, and overall development. .

The school offers best-in-class education to the student through well-trained, qualified, and experienced teachers who are adept in giving life to concepts, so children will not need additional tuition or coaching to learn and understand the subjects.

Teaching methodology

The VNHS teaching methodology blends academic, sports, and extra-curricular activities to imbibe the spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship, appreciation, positive outlook, mutual respect, and scholastic excellence. 

Student Community

Our student community comprises children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This vibrant student ecosystem exposes your children to the rich Indian heritage and cultural ethos. At VNHS, we focus on building sportsmanship spirit in students.


Mr.Qavi Bahelmi, the founder of VNHS, the current Secretary/Correspondent, and his son Mr. Junaid Bahelmi the Academic Director, own an honorable record of contributing to the educational sector through unwavering commitment and dedication.


The school offers a serene, secure, and pollution-free environment that is rightly suited to mold children into healthy, strong, and intelligent individuals of tomorrow. Education provided by our teachers in a stimulated and inspiring environment is the bedrock for a child’s life trajectory.

Success stories

VNHS is renowned for the track record students demonstrate in their academic excellence, sports, and extra-curricular domains. The numerous accolades our students win every year consistently depict our emphasis on all areas of a student’s growth, learning, and sportsmanship.

Cognitive Development

VNHS offers various leadership, team-building, and self-development activities that imbibe positive thinking, empathy, and respect to design a child into a whole adult that cares for the parents, society, and themselves.

Personalized attention

VNHS takes pride in its dedicated academic faculty and administrative staff, who provide personalized attention to students’ learning, wellness, and development. Our teaching methodology focuses on individual growth, discipline, leadership, and team spirit.

Academic excellence

The school offers excellent academic, boarding, and learning facilities that inspire and augment students’ overall learning and development. The School  Secretary / Correspondent, Principal, and Manager supervise the campus activities and students’ learning.


Experience the Ultimate learning adventure

VNHS is a pioneer among the schools of Telangana to embrace learning technologies. Our teaching model is a perfect blend of instructor-led classroom teaching integrated with state-of-art educational technology.  



VNHS boarding program ensures the holistic development of students in academic, co-curricular, and self-growth. Our administrative staff ensures the utmost hygiene of dining halls, kitchens, and living quarters. 

Day School

VNHS has been an acclaimed educational institution for its scholastic excellence. Our teachers are subject matter experts who undergo periodical training to stay abreast of the best teaching methodologies.

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Make the smart choice for your child's future and discover the advantages of world-class education with VNHS.