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Our commitment to Academic excellence: Experience learning without limits.

The VNHS student community is an amalgamation of children from various cultures and backgrounds that widens their perspective, strengthens them, and provides sustained lifelong development. We mentor our students towards learning through curiosity, practice, observation, and questioning to raise their intellectual quotient. 

Our integrated learning process thrives towards building students through academic excellence and sportsmanship into respectable and socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. 

VNHS constantly stays abreast of educational methodologies and technologies to provide contemporary, experiential, and state-of-art learning. Substantially, at our core resides the visionary approach to promote the overall development of students through academic excellence, sportsmanship, and strengthening their cultural roots.

Academic Objectives

In the pursuit of delivering scholastic excellence, VNHS has set the following Academic Objectives:

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Experience learning without limits

Discover World Class Facilities Designed to Enhance Learning

VNHS is a pioneer among the schools of Telangana to embrace learning technologies. Our teaching model is a perfect blend of instructor-led classroom teaching integrated with state-of-art educational technology.  


VNHS classrooms are gateways into the world of undistracted learning and education for children providing them unique learning experience. The design and ventilation of the classroom enable children to experience and appreciate the natural ventilation and air in contrary to closed air conditioned classrooms that deprive the natural touch children deserve to grow healthily. 

Our teachers combine their subject matter expertise with advanced learning aids such as Smart Class and Projector LED Boards to provide an immersive learning experience to students and simplify complex concepts to the cognitive level of every student.


At VNHS, we are committed to upskilling students in the latest technologies and helping them learn concepts hands-on. Our well-equipped chemistry and physics laboratories provide experiential learning to young minds. 

The construction of an Artificial Intelligence Lab and Advanced Computer Lab are in progress and in full swing to make them available to our students very soon. At VNHS, our students will gain in hand experience under the continous guidance of our well experienced teachers. We are determined towards all rounded development of our students including the practical aspects of learning.

Teaching Methodology

At VNHS, we believe that students should be abreast of the technology to give wings to their potential and prepare them for a technology-driven future. We keep abreast of the latest developments in teaching methodologies, thanks to our commitment to delivering only the finest for our students in every experience they collect at VNHS. 

With our dedicated and well experienced staff, we aim at developing the conceptual base of our students. Our teachers are always ready to guide students on the areas including latest developments, current affairs, global news, life skills and much more.


The school spans a campus of 30 acres in a serene, fresh, and positive atmosphere that inspires students to learn and observe the idyllic nature. The school provides the best-in-class infrastructure facilities amidst a lush green, serene environment that promotes affirming education amidst the digital distractions children are susceptible to. 

The school surroundings offer a closer look at the natural diversity the Almighty has bestowed humankind with. This nature connection builds gratitude in children to appreciate the finer things in life, which we believe is one of the foundational stones for success.


The VNHS Library provides a rich collection of printed books for student reference. We are committed to continual investment in enriching our library with the best-in-industry publications. Our library offers a wide range of academic, non-academic, scientific, self-development, health, language, story, and current affairs books. 

We are soon launching Wi-Fi equipped Computer Center and digital library where students can access research papers, PDFs, newspapers, periodical publications, and reference material on their subjects of interest from every corner of the world with the aim of upskill our students and become Global leaders.


Sports channel children’s energy productively. At VNHS, we recognize the role of sports in building emotionally and physically healthy children. A typical day at our school encourages student participation in sports. The school has acres of pitches, cricket net facilities, and volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts with floodlights.

Indoor sports facilities at VNHS include carroms, table tennis, chess, and more to stimulate children mentally. VNHS has eminent sports trainers and physical education teachers who guide and train students in sports. Our students consistently bring laurels to our school in sports competitions at the district and state levels.